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Structural Remediation

The structure of your property can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially if it’s an older home. If you notice uneven floors, bowing walls, or sagging beams in your home, you may need an expert to help. Structural repairs should be completed by a professional to maintain the integrity and safety of your home.
When you find yourself needing a renovation, but are concerned about structural problems, call Captain Construction & Remodeling. Our qualified professionals will take care of the job and make sure that it is done properly.

Our team of contractors can help you with your structural issues if they ever come up. Our trustworthy structural remediation services can help:

•Extend asset life
•Improve overal structural integrity
•Help with possible upgrades you have planned
•Mitigate deterioration
•Repair uneven floors
•Fix sagging beams
•Repair bowed walls
•Remove load bearing walls to create an open floor plan

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